Best Tofu Nuggets – Recipe from Willow in NYC

Best Tofu Nuggets Whether it’s classic sandwiches or family-favorite desserts, Willow in NYC strives to offer traditional recipes with a vegan twist served in an upscale but familiar setting. And one of our favorite recipes? Tofu nuggets.

Vegan Iron Sources: 5 Ways to Get Iron on a Vegan Diet

As an essential mineral, it’s important to ensure that you receive an adequate amount of iron each and every day in order to help your body function the way it’s supposed to. However, with a wide variety of vegan meals, getting the right amount of nutrition you need each day, especially the right vegan iron sources, it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

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Top Vegan Meat Alternatives to Try Today

Meat free protein is on the rise. When prepared with the right flavors and techniques, these options are exciting meat alternatives. Here at Willow guests may indulge in a cruelty-free menu with a variety of protein packed dishes. As a cozy vegan restaurant tucked into the heart of NYC, we have a lot of American favorites to indulge in. 

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