Vegan Chicken Marsala at Willow in NYC

Sometimes when people reference New York City as the “melting pot” of America, we can take that literally. As Ellis Island opened its doors to immigrants looking for a new homeland, it also opened up the possibility of new opportunities: music, theater, and– most importantly– cuisine. Honor both Italian and American history with a full […]

Vegan Steak at Willow in NYC

A steak meal is a staple in many cultures, but not a delicacy one can enjoy if they are vegetarian or vegan. But what if we told you that you and your loved ones could continue to enjoy a steak meal, with the right ingredients and prep? And keep your fellow animals safe from harm! […]

BBQ Vegan Ribs at Willow NYC

As summertime reaches its peak, local parks and fire escapes fill with people looking to take full advantage of all this season offers. Who can pass on the sunshine, the longer days, and most importantly, the summertime food? This summer, make the most of it with all your favorite warm-weather classics, made cruelty-free by the […]