Vegan Juice at Willow in NYC

It’s a sad truth that not all foods that we consider “healthy” have actually earned the label. A closer look at many popular grocery-store juices makes for the perfect example. Though the label may proudly declare how rich the juice is in vitamins, what they don’t tell you is how much of that “natural flavor” comes from sugary substitutes. Next time you’re craving a cool glass of juice, turn to the made from scratch vegan options at Willow in NYC.

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Vegan Calamari at Willow NYC

Vegan Calamari at Willow NYC There’s something about seafood dishes that just feel designed to impress. Though that fresh, ocean flavor may be difficult to imitate on a cruelty-free scale, with a little help from the experts, you’ll have no problem enjoying all the classic seafood dishes without dropping your compassionate ideals. What better place […]

Banana Foster Cake at Willow in NYC

Banana Foster Cake at Willow in NYC Bananas and vanilla ice cream are combined in the delicacy known as Bananas Foster, along with a sauce made of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur. But what happens when you add cake to the mix? Find out with a vegan banana foster cake from […]