5 Carrot Juice Benefits with Willow in NYC

Everyone knows the old adage about carrots being good for your eyesight, but did you know that this miraculous vegetable has far more benefits than that old adage holds? It’s true! What’s more, in juice form, anyone can gain those bonuses to their health quickly. Read on to learn more about these amazing 5 carrot juice benefits.

Like the city it calls home, Willow takes immense pride in its inclusive, welcoming nature. We showcase exactly how easy it is to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, all with a sophisticated, vegan twist. Between the outstanding options available at Willow and all the tips and tricks we provide through our recipes and lifestyle guides, there’s no excuse not to live the nutritious, delicious life of your dreams.

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5 Unforgettable Carrot Juice Benefits

5 Carrot Juice Benefits

Without further ado, read on to learn all the amazing benefits of carrot juice for your skin, health, and overall life.

Cancer Preventative

Though it may seem too good to be true, all the scientific studies back it: in healthy doses, carrot juice can serve as a cancer preventative.

One popular study backs the idea that carotenoids present in carrots–and carrot juice– can help strengthen the body against the risks of breast cancer: oxidative stress. This issue, which forms due to the dominance of free radicals attacking antioxidants, has been closely linked with higher cancer rates, particularly in those with a family history. By lowering this oxidative stress, carrot juice reduce the associated risks, guarding against one of the leading cause of breast cancer.

Heart Health

All fruits and veggies have positive benefits for heart health, but few are quite as effective as carrot juice.

Loaded with antioxidants, this amazing juice contains rich antioxidants, helping it cut through the lipids that most commonly lead to heart attacks. Its foundation of vitamins and minerals also helps reduce plaque that can build up in the arteries and impede circulation.

By taking the time to incorporate carrot juice into your daily diet, you do more than just stave off hunger and thirst. You take an important step towards strengthening your immune system and protecting your long-term health.

Gorgeous Skin

In addition to being rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene, carrot juice is also filled with potassium. Studies have proven that this nutritious juice can slow the growth or decay of cells, thereby helping you maintain that youthful glow for even longer.

What’s more, this juice has been proven capable of reducing the swelling and redness of fresh scars and rashes, serving as a strong anti-inflammatory. By helping in natural collagen production, carrot juice can stave off bothersome fine lines and wrinkles.

Fat Loss

Unlike other juices, which tend to come packed with sugar, carrot juice is low in both fat and sugar. With just 94 calories per cup, this juice contains less than a gram of fat. With far more natural fiber than most juices, it can aid digestion while contributing to a healthy, balanced diet.

Savory and rich, this juice makes the perfect, nutritious addition to your afternoon, helping provide you with the energy you need to get through the day without the unnecessary sugar crash.

Menstrual Cramps

Last– but certainly not least– carrot juice has been proven to help with the pain associated with menstrual cramps.

Carrot juice can help prevent many minor circulation issues that can increase menstrual pain by aiding in regular blood flow. Additionally, the beta-carotene present in carrots can also reduce inflammation, meaning that no matter what time of the month a person enjoys this treat, they are likely to gain the benefits they need to reduce several types of pain.

Healthy Sips at Willow

Healthy Sips at Willow

Whether you’re hoping for fresh, vegan juice options or a deliciously wholesome meal, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at Willow.

We prepare our carrot juice fresh in-house, incorporating a splash of apple and ginger juice to aid even further in the healthy digestive properties.

Looking for a new way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon? Reach out to the experts at Willow! No matter the dietary restrictions, every guest can find something to love on our full menu. Come enjoy a meal in our gorgeously designed restaurant or place an order for pickup/delivery to treat yourself to a well-deserved dinner.


Is Apple Juice Good for You?

When people wonder, “Is apple juice good for you?” the answer may be more complex than they imagined. In moderation, apple juice can carry with it some amazing health benefits. Still, its sugar content can limit how much people can safely enjoy this delicious beverage. Luckily, with help from Willow in NYC, you can take advantage of the health benefits with minimal drawbacks.

At Willow, we care: about your diet, your health, and your overall understanding of the food that powers your body. Since its founding, Willow has taken pride in being able to offer delicious, healthy alternatives to traditional American classics.

By elevating each dish with a sophisticated twist, these professional chefs can serve vegan takes on old favorites, presenting it as you’ve never seen. To learn more about all the options Willow brings to the table, check out our full menu, or place an order for pickup or delivery today.

Ways that Apple Juice is Good for You

Is Apple Juice Good for You?

Though there are a few downsides to drinking too much apple juice– which we will address shortly– the benefits are inescapable.

Ultra Hydrating

Like most fruit juices, apple juice is among one of the most hydrating beverages you can drink. Made up of 88% water and filled with an assortment of vitamins and minerals, this miraculous juice can be even better for fighting dehydration on a hot day than pure water.

It is just one reason pediatricians often recommend apple juice for parents struggling to keep their young toddlers hydrated. One study even showed that children suffering from vomit-induced dehydration were less likely to need additional fluids after being given an apple to snack on.

More delicious and less expensive than specially formulated electrolyte drinks, apple juice is the perfect tool to stay hydrated, healthy, and happy.

Supports Brain Functioning

Apple juice isn’t just for children; it’s the perfect drink to help adults maintain a long-term focus and fight that midday mental slump.

Studies have shown that after just a few servings of this miraculous juice, laboratory mice were able to outperform other mice in maze-based memory tests. Additionally, these mice experienced lower rates of protein fragments associated with Alzheimer-related brain damage.

These benefits don’t just apply in the lab. Similar studies have also proven that these benefits extend to Alzheimer’s patients, most of whom experienced over 25% reduction in emotional and mental symptoms of the disease after sipping a serving of apple juice. Both in the short and the long term, this amazing juice has plenty to offer those looking to improve brain functioning.

Fights Inflammation

Those who are looking to reduce the pain associated with arthritis and joint-related illnesses will be pleased to learn how helpful apple juice can be in that fight.

Apples– and by association, apple juice– are filled with polyphenols, a plant compound that is particularly effective in fighting inflammation. Within just thirty minutes of drinking a cup of apple juice, oxidative damage was heavily reduced. This effect lasted well over an hour after consumption.

The most polyphenol-rich juices are freshly squeezed, making the juice contain higher quantities of natural pulp and apple fibers. To maximize the benefits of your juice, opt for “cloudier” varieties over perfectly clear ones.

Making the Most of this Amazing Juice

Though apple juice carries amazing benefits, unfortunately, the high quantity of sugars makes it unhealthy to drink in large quantities. What’s more, the delicious flavor makes it reputedly difficult to drink in moderation.

Luckily, Willow comes with a solution that promises to help you make the most of this amazing juice without suffering the downsides. By indulging in this juice in its freshest form, you can preserve more pulp and avoid the trap of the added sugars often present in store-bought alternatives.

Because fresh, vegan apple juice flavors are more concentrated, you can readily benefit from our next advice: mix smaller portions of this sweet apple juice with more low-sugar alternatives like water or coconut water, creating the perfect blend for your tastebuds and your dietary needs.

Healthy, Vegan Options at Willow in NYC

Healthy Vegan Food At Willow NYC

At Willow, we make the most of apple juice by serving it fresh, mixed with a perfectly balanced blend of ginger and carrot juice. With the ideal combination of both savory and sweet flavors, it’s got the nutritional foundation necessary to help you power through and make the most of every day.

No matter the dietary preferences, every guest can find something to love on our full menu. Come enjoy a meal in our gorgeously designed restaurant or place an order for pickup/delivery to treat yourself to a well-deserved meal.

4 Ginger Juice Benefits from Willow on NYC

Though a classic flavor popular in dishes around the world, ginger tends to be divisive. Its intense and unique spice is strong enough to overpower other flavors when over-utilized, but when balanced, the same qualities make it the perfect addition to any otherwise simple meal. Read on to learn more about these 4 ginger juice benefits!

If you’re looking for new ways to celebrate your cruelty-free lifestyle or just searching for a few tips for healthy living, Willow is here to help! The talented minds behind Willow’s innovative, fully vegan kitchen are dedicated to demonstrating all the ways to best enjoy a vegan lifestyle, adding our unique flair.

By using only the best vegan ingredients, we bring every bit of our worldwide culinary experience to your table through easy vegan recipes or delicious options from our professional chefs. To find out more about the big flavors Willow brings to diners all over New York City, explore our full menu. Place an order for pickup or delivery today, and allow us to bring the flavor to your doorstep.

Show Stopping 4 Ginger Juice Benefits

4 Ginger Juice Benefits

Even those who aren’t naturally drawn to the strong flavor of ginger juice may find themselves tempted to make a serving after reading about these 4 ginger juice benefits!

Nausea Preventative

All across the world, history has recognized ginger for its power in fighting nausea. Most notably, ginger is a fantastic cure for morning sickness.

Countless studies have reinforced this fact, proving that– though not safe for mothers close to labor or struggling with high-risk pregnancies– small qualities of ginger consistently improve symptoms of nausea and stomach aches in soon-to-be mothers.

Whether you’re looking for a way to combat morning sickness or hoping to avoid seasickness on your next boat trip, ginger is your best bet for an easy morning!

Improves Chronic Indigestion

The impact of this juice goes far beyond the short term. When taken regularly, it can improve long-term symptoms of stomach pain, including those associated with chronic indigestion.

One of the primary causes of chronic indigestion occurs when the stomach is unable to quickly empty itself, causing the food and acids to sit in the body longer than it should. Ginger proves a swift solution, helping the stomach empty itself properly.

To make the most of this, we suggest indulging in a shot of ginger juice prior to eating rather than afterward, which has been proven to have an increased effect.

Fights Infections

The medicinal properties of ginger are far from a placebo effect. Studies have proven that ginger has an amazing power to slow– and even stop– the growth of a variety of types of bacteria.

Those struggling against the effects of gingivitis and other gum diseases will be happy to hear that ginger is an amazingly simple remedy. What’s more, by indulging in this great juice form, you can easily make sure that the powerful anti-bacterial properties reach every hard-to-reach corner of your mouth!

It doesn’t stop there; similar studies have proven it effective against RSV, a common cause of respiratory infections.

Lowers Cholesterol

Most people know that the body naturally balances both “good” and “bad” levels of cholesterol. What many don’t know is that ginger can be incredibly helpful in lowering rates of “bad” cholesterol and keeping that delicate balance!

In one study, patients who received high quantities of ginger almost immediately saw a drastic drop in “bad” cholesterol.

Notably, there was one major issue in the repetition of this study on a larger scale: taste. Many participants dropped out early, citing the unpleasant flavor of so much ginger at one time.

As usual, Willow is ready with a healthy, happy solution!

Balanced, Healthy Juices at Willow in NYC

Healthy Juices at Willow in NYC

At Willow, we empower diners to enjoy all the benefits of ginger juice without struggling through the intensity of the flavor on its own. Instead, we create a smooth, balanced blend using carrot and apple juice to create something altogether unforgettable.

To enjoy your serving of healthy, vegan juice in a perfectly relaxed environment, come down to our Chelsea location! For a tasty glass on the go, enjoy all the flavor from the comfort of your home or office with a pickup or delivery order.

Explore our menu to see for yourself the amazing options available at Willow!