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Three Flawless Fish Substitutes for Vegans

For many vegans new to the cruelty-free lifestyle, the toughest part about making the switch can be summed up in a single word: seafood. This common protein source often holds significant cultural value, leaving many new vegans worrying that they may miss out on scrumptious meals like sushi, seafood chowders, or fried shrimp po-boys. Never […]

3 Best Vegan Kid Snacks

With the right time and knowledge, maintaining a vegan diet as an adult can be a breeze; for kids, this specific dietary preference may be more challenging. With their fast metabolisms and buzz of energy, kids vary between picky eating and always craving their next meal. Between class parties, time spent on the road, and […]

Top Vegan Mac and Cheese Cooking Tips

Being vegan doesn’t have to mean giving up your childhood favorites. If you have the knowledge, you can continue to eat the comfort food you love with just a few tweaks! Luckily, Willow is here to bring all the expertise of mouthwatering vegan cooking to your kitchen. 

Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding – Recipe from Willow NYC

Throughout the great City of New York, Willow sets itself apart with delicious, nutritious vegan foods that even non-vegans will savor. Every meal at our restaurant, from appetizer to dessert, offers a wide range of nutritional benefits in perfectly sized proportions.  Our vanilla chia seed pudding is no exception to that rule.

Hearts of Palm Salad – Recipe from Willow in NYC

Rich in nutrition, and an irresistible flavor that falls somewhere between earthy and sweet, hearts of palm salad is a family-favorite recipe suitable for any event. This easy vegan dish makes a perfect side for a variety of meals. Or for a lighter meal that still provides the daily nutrients you need, eat alone. 

Vegan Iron Sources: 5 Ways to Get Iron on a Vegan Diet

As an essential mineral, it’s important to ensure that you receive an adequate amount of iron each and every day in order to help your body function the way it’s supposed to. However, with a wide variety of vegan meals, getting the right amount of nutrition you need each day, especially the right vegan iron […]