Vegan French Onion Soup at Willow

Vegan French Onion Soup Watching someone who “hates onions” taste French onion soup for the first time is an experience: that dawn of realization as they sample the sweet, caramelized flavor and find themselves already reaching for a second spoonful. Now, with vegan French onion soup at Willow, anyone can indulge in this decadent soup […]

Try Vegan Pasta NYC at Willow

Try Vegan Pasta in NYC Is there any food as truly satisfying as a bowl of pasta? Filling enough to warm you from the inside out, pasta is one of the few meals that have a magical ability to improve any bad day immediately. The next time you need a pick-me-up, try vegan pasta at […]

Vegan Cauliflower Wings at Willow NYC

Vegan Cauliflower Wings in NYC When most of us think of “comfort food,” we think of mouthwatering sliders, salty snacks, and, above all, spicy, crispy “wings.” Dedication to a cruelty-free diet shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice your favorite guilty pleasures. Try vegan cauliflower wings at Willow NYC to see how delicious the possibilities can be!

Try Vegan Mac and Cheese NYC at Willow

Vegan Mac and “Cheese”

With Willow, each dish comes with something a little extra. By using the finest locally sourced ingredients and world-renowned flavors, we elevate every bite into something beyond the usual, introducing new takes to old classics.

Our truffle mac and “cheese” starts with a base of creamy vegan “cheese” sauce. From here, our chefs add a salty bite through vegan bac’n, smoked paprika, and a sprinkling of fresh chives. Finely shaved truffles elevate the already rich flavors even further, adding a dash of adult sophistication to this childhood classic.

Finally, a thin layer of toasted panko provides a crunchy contrast to the creamy texture of the cheese, cementing this unique dish as one to remember.

Though available as a starter, feel free to keep this dish to yourself. Enjoy it as a midday snack, or create your own meal by adding a few of our signature sides:

  • Garlic broccolini
  • Hand cut fries (garlic and parsley, cajun, or sea salt)
  • House salad
  • Creamed spinach
  • Truffle polenta fries

Make every meal your own and find your new favorite with Willow NYC!

Other Comfort Food Favorites

Want all the comfort food without the heaviness? No problem! The diverse menu at Willow has all your childhood favorites, from light lunchtime snacks to summertime classics. Explore our menu, and relive every moment from the summer barbeque to the schoolyard playground!

BBQ Ribs

No need to feel left out of the fun at your next family cookout. With a to-go order of these BBQ ribs, you’ll have everything you need to feel included and satisfied!

Rather than relying on the cruelty of the factory-farming industry, we use seitan to create these mouthwatering, delectable ribs. With a healthy coating of our housemade barbecue sauce, these ribs will be the envy of even your otherwise-carnivore family members. Top this meal off with a side of crisp, hand-cut fries and garlic broccolini, and get ready to enjoy the meal of your dreams!

Marinara Flatbread

Enjoy this light, adult, take on a classic cheesy pizza!

Our “cheesy” marinara flatbread comes to you completely cruelty-free, making use of vegan substitutes in place of traditional marinara. Enjoy dining on the same rich, cheesy flavor without the guilt or excess calories. This flatbread comes with a gorgeously finished presentation, including red onions, kalamata olives, and seared oyster mushrooms. A sprinkling of fresh green basil finishes off this meal with flair, providing both color and a burst of delicious flavor.

Come enjoy your order in the comforting ambiance of our bistro-inspired diner and discover the flavor for yourself!

Cauliflower Wings

Looking for a lighter, healthier take on the classic comfort of traditional chicken wings? Look no further than our cauliflower wings appetizers!

Available in either BBQ or spicy buffalo sauce, these panko-crusted cauliflower florets have all the flavor and none of the guilt. Paired with carrots, celery, and a blue “cheese” dip, this appetizer will set the ideal tone for the delicious, comforting meal ahead.

Dining with Willow

If Willow knows one thing, it’s comfort. From starters to dessert, our menu has been designed to recreate all the best moments of bistro-inspired nostalgia, elevated with an elegant twist. The fully inclusive menu is completely vegan, certified kosher, and creative enough to keep even the carnivores among your party satisfied! Our forward-thinking chefs dig deep to transform all your favorite childhood meals, using only the freshest ingredients to create dishes as good for your physical health as they are for your mood.

To take part in the full Willow dining experience, come down to our location in hip Chelsea. Here, you can enjoy your meal within our gorgeously designed restaurant. Not feeling up to a night out? Our meals are just as good on the go as they are on the plate. Take advantage of our online ordering options and enjoy your meal for either pickup or delivery.


Try Vegan Sandwiches NYC at Willow

Try Vegan Desserts NYC at Willow

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