Vegan Lunch & Dinner Chelsea, NYC

Willow is a vegan restaurant giving classic bistro comfort food an upscale twist while using 100% vegan ingredients. Join us for vegan lunch and dinner daily in the heart of Chelsea, NYC! We’ve created the ideal space for a casual, comfortable bite, with food that also travels well for delivery and takeout. Dine in with us, or place an online order today. We look forward to serving you!


Crispy “Calamari” 17
Panko crusted king oyster mushroom rings, herb marinara sauce, horseradish mayo, lemon

Truffle Mac and “Cheese” (GFO) 18
Fresh housemade lumache, bac’n, chives, smoked paprika, toasted panko, black truffle oil

Buffalo Popcorn Chick’n 17
Blue “cheese,” carrots, celery, chives

Cauliflower Fries 16
Served with buffalo and bac’n cheddar sauces

“Salmon” Tartare 17
Avocado, capers, dijon mustard, lemon, mayo, chives, black truffle caviar, taro root chips

Mini “Lobster” Rolls 18
Old bay marinade, celery, dill, bibb lettuce, chives, housemade buttered roll

Dip Trio 17
Housemade flatbread, caramelized onion whipped “ricotta,” green fava bean dip, spicy tomato jam

Cultured “Cheese” Board 25

Cultured cheeses including housemade dill and garlic, and smoked chili “goat cheese,” aged “blue cheese,” housemade “ricotta,” dried fruit, “prosciutto,” caper berries, candied pecans, fig jam, grilled crostini



Philly “Cheese Steak” 22
Served with choice of hand cut fries or side salad
Shredded Chunk Steak™, grilled onions, melted “cheddar” sauce, roasted garlic aioli, toasted housemade baguette

Bac’n, “Egg,” and Cheese 17
Served with choice of hand cut fries or side salad
Bac’n, scrambled “eggs,” “cheddar,” housemade brioche bun

Nashville Hot Chick’n 19
Served with choice of hand cut fries or side salad
Spicy cayenne sauce, cabbage slaw, pickles, blue “cheese,” chives, toasted housemade baguette

B.L.T. Club 20
Served with Cajun spiced taro chips
Bac’n, avocado, bibb lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pesto aioli, grilled housemade sourdough

Willow Smashburger 23
Served with choice of hand cut fries or side salad
Two smashed burger patties, “cheddar,” avocado, chipotle aioli, sunny side “egg,” housemade brioche bun

Grilled Balsamic Chick’n 19
Served with choice of hand cut fries or side salad
Smoked “provolone,” “prosciutto,” tomatoes, red onions, bibb lettuce, pesto aioli, aged balsamic, toasted housemade baguette


Grilled Broccolini 12
Sliced garlic, lemon zest, black pepper

Sautéed Haricots Verts 12
French green beans, “parmesan,” sea salt

Hand Cut Fries 10
Choice of garlic and parsley, Cajun, or sea salt

House Salad 10
Romaine, carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, white balsamic vinaigrette


French Onion Soup 12
Caramelized onions, garlic, red wine, “mozzarella,” fresh thyme, housemade crostini

New England “Clam” Chowder 12
Oyster mushrooms, onions, celery, potatoes, bac’n bits, chives, housemade crostini

Cream of Tomato Soup 12
Basil oil, “crème fraîche,” parsley, “mozzarella” housemade crostini

Cobb Salad 22
Choice of organic five spice tofu or grilled balsamic chick’n
Romaine, red onions, avocado, bac’n, “feta,” cherry tomatoes, blue “cheese” dressing

Caesar Salad 20
Choice of organic five spice tofu or grilled balsamic chick’n
Romaine, baby radishes, housemade smoked paprika croutons, “parmesan,” creamy wakame dressing


Housemade “Ricotta” Ravioli 26
Roma tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, “parmesan,” basil

Chick’n Francese 27
White wine cream sauce, lemon butter, whipped “parmesan” potatoes, garlic, grilled broccolini, fresh thyme

Grilled Chunk Steak™ Filet 33
Black peppercorn cream sauce, potato pavé, haricot verts, balsamic caviar, chives, roasted cherry tomatoes

French Dip 27
Served with steak fries
Chunk Steak™, smoked “provolone,” caramelized onions, horseradish aioli, au jus, toasted housemade baguette


Vanilla Bean Cashew Cheesecake 14
Chocolate chip cookie crust, Madagascar vanilla bean, chocolate ganache, fresh mint

Chef’s Cookie Skillet 14
Peanut butter sauce, roasted peanuts, black lava salt, chocolate ice cream

Double Chocolate Cake 14
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganache, toasted almonds

Banana Pudding 14
Fresh bananas, salted caramel, vanilla wafers, banana cream, whipped cream

Ice Cream 7
Chocolate with peanut butter sauce

Vanilla with strawberry coulis


Housemade Sodas 7
Orange, mango, lime, mint
Cucumber, mint, lime
Passion fruit, grapefruit

Water 3/6
Still or Sparkling

Cappuccino 6
Latte 6
Americano 5
Espresso 4

Please be advised that our food may contain wheat, soy, seeds, sesame, and nuts.
While we’re able to accommodate some dietary restrictions, there may be chance of cross-contamination